Friday, February 22, 2019

OPEN EXERCISE: Marksmanship, Biathlon & Strategy Games (and Homeworks) Sign-Up

Evening for marksmanship, biathlon training and strategy games!

We can have 15 shooters maximum at Marksmanship;

12 shooters maximum at Biathlon and;

an unlimited number of participants to strategy games and modeling.

Indicate in which activity you will participate, no double sign-up between
Marksmanship and Biathlon.

Strategy games and modeling count as a Skill to develop on your Duke of Edinburgh Award!
An area for studying and homeworks between relays will be setup.

Click here to sign up.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

RE: Attendance / Call Out Sheet / Reporting of Absences

Good Evening,

Just a friendly reminder to Cadets and Parents.

A) Regular Training Sign In Sheet

B) Cadet Call Out Sheet

C) Reporting of Absences

This message will cover the proper way to sign in on a training evening. 

The NEW Cadet Call Out Sheet (aka Whiteboard).

The proper way of reporting an absence.

Regular Training Sign In Sheet:

I would like to take a moment to go over cadet attendance and call outs.

When cadets enter Mewata signing in should be the top priority. At 1900 hrs (7pm) the sign in sheet will be taken down to the Administration Office. There will be a sheet left upstairs at the duty NCO desk for late arrivals to sign in.

What has happened in the past is the late sheet has been left upstairs with a photocopy of the sign in sheet.  The photocopy is meant for emergency evacuation purposes only.

It has been brought to my attention that cadets have been signing the photocopy rather than the late sheet. The photocopy has never been cross referenced for attendance. Only the late sheet will be added after 1900 hrs.

If your child arrives prior to the attendance it is still their responsibility to sign in when it is made available.


When Administration or Training requires a cadet to attend the Office for Administrative purposes (Camp Applications / Expedition / Annual Validations etc) the cadets name will be placed on a Sheet beside the attendance.

When signing in please check the call out sheet to see if you are required to attend the office.

Reporting Absences:

Admin would request that only the following two ways are used to report an absence:

1) Reporting the absence using Google Forms. This can be located on the weekly event sheet or at the corps web page under: Training Info - Report an Absence

2) Call the corps and leave a message.

Please refrain from sending an email direct to officers or the 2137 email address. There is a chance it will be lost amongst other emails.

If there are any questions please contact me direct.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday. Have a great week!

OCdt Collin Cadotte
Administration Officer

Monday, February 18, 2019

First Aid Weekends

6/18 cadets signed up but did not attend the first aid course this weekend without notifying staff. This is 6 spots on the course that were unavailable for cadets that wanted to sign up and get their qualification. If you cannot attend an activity you have signed up for, you MUST notify your level officer or one of the training officers of this absence immediately so we can offer the spot to another cadet. Reporting absences is a MANDATORY requirement.

You may also email the following address if you are no longer able to attend the course:

Please review the below signup for a list of participants and details for this coming weekend's first aid course:

Friday, February 15, 2019

OPEN EXERCISE: Marksmanship, Biathlon & Strategy Games Sign-Up

OPEN EXERCISE: Marksmanship, Biathlon & Strategy Games Sign-Up

This exercise is opened to cadets who want to shoot for precision shooting and biathlon targets.

 Between relays, you can either play strategy games or do academic work (study or home works)

Click here to sign up

Thursday, February 14, 2019

No cadets Monday February 18

********** Attention *********

Monday is family day and there will be no cadet activities.


We are looking for 9 - 10 more cadets for the Grand Highland Ball to act as greeters, work at the guest registration table, and our information booth.  Cadets must be well-spoken and comfortable interacting with the public.  Preference for cadets MCpls and above and who have their Highland dress.  The Grand Highland Ball is one of the largest fundraisers undertaken by our corps' affiliated unit, the Calgary Highlanders through the Regimental Funds Foundation.  The funds raised at this event benefit not only the Calgary Highlanders, but also the four Calgary Highlander Cadet Corps.  This is a great opportunity for you to showcase our corps in the community and educate patrons of the Ball about the cadet program and why they need to continue to support this program!  Any questions can be emailed to with the subject "Grand Highland Ball".

Timings:  1730 - 1930hrs
Location:  Fairmont Palliser, 133 9 Ave SW
Dress:  C1/H1/H3


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Senior Cadet Workshop day

Senior Cadets,

Please sign up using the below link:

Why: FTX prep, lesson prep, training aid development, AMI development, and.. a surprise!!

When: Feb 16, 2019 - 0800 (8am) -1630 (430pm)

Where: Mewata Armouries, 801 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2C4

Dress: FTU (Field Training Uniform)