Wednesday, November 29, 2017

SR NCO leadership training day (2 Dec 2017) hosted by 2554 PPCLI

2554 is holding a leadership training day for Sr. Cadets (MCpl and above).

Contact Capt. Ellis, if anyone is interested in attending. 

This training is facilitated by 3 retired Reg Force members.  Mr. Nickel is the creator of the Recce course that a few of you have attended has designed this training.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in learning good leadership skills, you should try and attend.

2 Dec 17 - Leadership Development

1.       0800-1700 hrs at General Currie Bldg.

2.       This day-long session will be conducted by ex-Reg F instructors with the aim to teach training Silver Star Cadets and up about effective methods and skills to develop/hone their leadership potential. Topics to be covered include:

·         The ten critical requirements of a leader

·         The qualities of a leader

·         The NCO and officer relationship 

·         Mentoring 

·         Supervising and Delegating 

·         Correcting mistakes

3.       Lunch provided by 2554 Support Society, with no cost to DND.

4.       Open to all Calgary area Army Cadet Corps that wish to attend, with no cost to DND.

5.       20 maximum spots available this session which includes Officers and Cadets.

6.       Dress is FTU or CADPAT.

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