Friday, November 17, 2017


Dear cadets!

Because, sometimes the officer staff has some cool last minute ideas to make the activities even more "WOW!", we have to delay some of them so we can have time to reorganize a few things.


A) The Sport Day scheduled for November 18th was postponed to December 16th. Why?

Simply because we want to introduce you to two sports that are dear to Canadians! Cross-country skiing and Snowshoeing! (For the 14 years old cadets and older, this is an opportunity to explore a sport to pick for your Duke of Edimburg requirement)

That mandatory day will be an amazing opportunity for the majority of you to find a new passion in sports. There might be a relay race by platoon that will combine cross-country ski and snowshoes... Let's see which platoon will give a good lesson to the others and earn the precious points for the Platoon of the Month!

B) Operation December Moon (Solo Prep) that was originally planned from 1 Dec to 3 Dec is postponed to 19 January - 21 January. Why?

Again, the officer staff found new activities to integrate to this activity to make it more fun.

But, I want to stop there and not say anything else... These are surprises !!!

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