Sunday, December 3, 2017


Now, you may be asking, what are Routine Orders and why do I need them?  Well, Routine Orders is another document where you can find out what's happening at the corps.  It contains information such as who is on Duty, what activities are coming up, what the order of dress for each activity is, any awards (ie.  PROMOTIONS, FITNESS LEVELS, QUALIFICATIONS, etc) were handed out during COs Parade, Standard Operating Procedures (how to do things, such as requesting a Leave of Absence or Highland Kit Testing, etc).  There is lots of good and helpful information in the Routine Orders, so if you're looking for answers to questions, this would be a good spot to start (IN ADDITION TO USING YOUR CHAIN OF COMMAND).  

Here is the link to the Routine Orders:

These orders get updated every month and are usually posted within the first week of the new month.  

Happy Reading!

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