Friday, April 13, 2018

****NOTICE**** To All cadets that do not have a uniform.

****** To all cadets that either have not been sized for a cadet uniform or have not received their uniform and are still wearing civillain white shirt and black pants. *****

As per the direction of the CO, all cadets will be in an authorized cadet uniform during parade nights. If there are cadets that do not have a full cadet uniform, but have cadet FTUs, FTUs shall be worn in place of the white shirt and black pants.

To accomplish this directive, we will have stores open on Monday 16 Apr 18, from 1830 to 2030 for sizing and issue of kit, if in stock.  If cadets are unable to attend the Monday evening fitting, identify yourself to your chain of command on Thursday. You will be sized or issued kit at the earliest possible time.

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