Tuesday, April 10, 2018


This is the time of the year we will all learn about the  
Battle of St-Julien and Kitchener's Woods.

A time when we showed the World who Canadian Heroes are, and another step in becoming the Calgary Highlanders.

This Thursday, come dressed in C1/H1 so you can demonstrate you deserve to be granted a new part of uniform that identifies us and how we will complete our Citizenship and CAF Familiarization for the year.

All evening, we will go through a learning experience and travel in the History of the Battle of Saint-Julien and Kitchener's Woods.

Here is how you can come prepared so you can be assessed at the end of the parade night and obtain the permission to wear the Glengarry:

1) Make sure your uniform is impeccable;
2) Read the handout ahead of time. (Handout)
3) And, if you are very good! Tell us what you would find at Latitude: 50deg 53' 58.62"N and Longitude: 2deg 56' 26.39" E!!! (Maybe Google Earth would help)

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