Tuesday, June 12, 2018


To all cadets and parents of cadets attending summer training this year, the Summer Camp Briefing that was presented last Thursday is now posted to the corps website.  You can access it by going to Training Info-->Summer Training and then select the link "Summer Camp Briefing - what you need to know before going to camp!".  All Joining Instructions (including Vernon) are now posted to the website as well.  Go to Training Info-->Summer Training-->Joining Instructions to access them.  

If you were not here last Thursday, ensure you come this Thursday to pick up your summer training package!  It has important docs that you need with you when boarding transport and for arrival at the CTC (Cadet Training Centre).  

A few reminders:

1.  ALL cadets must travel in C1s (no Highland kit or accoutrements allowed)
2.  No Highland kit (except Glen) for all cadets attending summer training.  Highland kit is allowed for cadets attending Pipes and Drums courses only.  
2.  Bring your signed Offer of Participation, your Travel Orders (Itineraries), and Parental Pick-Up Form (if required) with you.
3.  Ensure you bring a piece of government issued ID
4.  Your summer contact officer is Capt Ellis - any questions related to summer training can be directed to him via email:  2137rcacc@gmail.com.

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