Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Although we had our ACR this past Sunday, we still have a few loose ends that we need to tie up before we officially break for the summer.  This Thursday, the Commanding Officer will be doing an Q&A session for the parents of the cadets who are interested in applying for the Battlefield Tour in 2020.  Following the Q&A session, there will be a summer training briefing for all the parents of the cadets who are attending summer camp this year.  During this session, a summer camp package will be handed out - this package contains forms that must be completed and brought with the cadet to camp.  

There are several cadets who still need assessments completed - you should all know who you are - come prepared, otherwise you will not officially qualify for your star level!  (ie.  you will not qualify for your next promotion!!)  

The cadets will also be receiving 2 presentations - one on summer camp experiences provided by the cadets who have attended summer training in the past and one on the experiences and impact of the last Battlefield Tour.  

Cadets who are attending summer training will also get the opportunity to exchange uniform parts that do not fit - see the separate blog post for full details and what this means to you!

Dress for this Thursday is FTUs.  

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